Coming to America

Salisbury University Center for International Education
Salisbury University Center for International Education

As an international student coming to a new country it can be overwhelming and culturally shocking, the Center for International Education (SUCIE) is an organization to help students ease into normality as easy as possible.  The purpose of the center is on familiarizing international students with campus life and its surrounding areas but is also there to introduce U.S. students to different cultures and study abroad interests.

International students sign up for field trips organised by SUCIE
International students sign up for field trips organised by SUCIE

SUCIE plan a variety of events and trips in order to help international students immerse themselves in the culture of America and experience as much as possible during their time here.  From common tourist destinations such as New York City and Washington D.C which students are generally excited to embark upon to more cultural trips such as Colonial Williamsburg, VA which they may not have taken upon themselves to go to but thanks to SUCIE they can experience such places.


SUCIE enlists the help of international students and advisors who are on hand to assist students with any questions or concerns they might have. Speaking to international assistant Hala Alawai she told me of the trips hosted by SUCIE and why she feels it is a beneficial resource for international students.  Speaking as both an international student from Jordan and also a staff member at the international house she has experienced first-hand the fun and educational events.

SU international students enjoy Williamsburg, VA
SU international students enjoy Williamsburg, VA

Although SUCIE’s main aim is to aid international students studying at Salisbury University it also looks to introducing both U.S. and International students to benefit through each other.  The center gladly welcomes any and all U.S. and international students, faculty, and staff at Salisbury University who share an international interest or experience.  Junior Wahlia Walker originally from Brooklyn, NY is interested in studying abroad as part of her education and so has turned to SUCIE for help and advice numerous times.  Walker says ‘through SUCIE I have made many friends from around the globe and it has opened my eyes to new and exciting cultures’.  She goes on to say how it is amazing to find such diversity within such a small town like Salisbury and that through SUCIE these cultures can come together and educate each other.  When asked if she participates in any of the organised trips Walker said ‘the trips organised by SUCIE are aimed primarily at international students but members of the international club can also participate and I think this is a great idea as some people from the U.S haven’t even travelled outside of their hometowns or Salisbury to some of the places SUCIE organises trips to. Personally I had never even been to Washington D.C before and through SUCIE’s free bus trip there I was able to take in all the sights it has to offer’.

Junior Wahlia Walker reads up on her chosen destination of Spain
Junior Wahlia Walker reads up on her chosen destination of Spain
before education abroad adviser Noel Habashy helps her select her classes
before education abroad adviser Noel Habashy helps her select her classes

SUCIE aims to meet the students of Salisbury University’s needs and it hopes to do so by providing them with an American experience to be sure they have memories to leave Salisbury with and take back to their home country. International Student Advisor and Associate Director Agata Liszkowska deals with new students each semester and takes pride in organising trips to educate these students on culture here in the U.S.


15 thoughts on “Coming to America

  1. Thoroughly insightful reading Alison. You highlight very eloquently what it is like to go to a different country and study away from home. A wonderful representation of what foreign life is like. Bravo.

  2. Great read! interesting article , nice to see the international house taking interest in all their students and providing activities

  3. I’m an international student too. It’s really interesting to read how other places welcome their foreigners into their university. I’m having as much of a blast as you are, that’s for sure!

  4. trips to different cities and towns is a great idea for international students as they might not get the chance on their own

  5. This is a truly fantastic idea. Being a linguist who has travelled to different countries and universities in my studies I always found it a daunting and apprehensive thought. It was always up to me to engage with the country without any help but this idea would really help the visiting student to fully integrate into a new learning and living environwnt. Not only to further their language and understanding but also to engage in the countries idioms and promote a positive environment. In which to make and develop new friendships in a global society

  6. I found this article very insightful and well written. Though I will not be eligible to apply to the exchange program for a further year, I feel Salisbury could give me the best opportunity to adapt and embrace American culture through the programs Centre for International Education (SUCIE) offer.

  7. It was an absolute pleasure being interviewed. hope my efforts helped. I look forward to more trips through SUICE, and more trips to SUICE to finish my study abroad planning.

  8. Interesting article! its good to see you get to visit a lot of places and enjoy different cultures while studying as an international student!

  9. Great article, gives a great insight in what life as an international student envolves with loads of experience and fun that comes with it.

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